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Kamungi Conservancy is a community conservancy located on the northern boundary of Tsavo West National Park between Mtito Andei to the West and the Athi River coursing alongside the Yatta Plateau to the East.

The land barely supports a marginalised community struggling against poverty, yet it provides a crucial habitat to a wide range of wildlife, well adapted to survival in this dry bushland, and acts as buffer between Tsavo West NP to the south, and more densely populated land to the north, allowing space for seasonally ranging wildlife to come and go from the National Park.

Tsavo Trust has worked with the local WaKamba communities since 2013 to establish the Kamungi Conservancy, and to create a vital buffer to the northern boundary of Tsavo West National Park to which Kamungi Conservancy borders. Establishment of a buffer is important as this region serves as an entry point into the Park for people who illegally poach for bushmeat and elephant ivory, fell trees for charcoal and hard wood extraction as well as illegally graze their livestock within the Protected Area (PA).

Tsavo Trust provides the stewardship role for capacity building, fundraising potential and commitment to ensure that the members of Kamungi Conservancy enjoy and realise better forms of livelihood in what is a challenging and harsh environment.

Kamungi Conservancy works closely with the KWS through Tsavo Trust to secure and monitor wildlife and assist in law enforcement through trained Kamungi Conservancy scouts. The Conservancy also works to reduce Human Wildlife Conflict, educate the community, and to secure and diversify livelihoods. Tsavo Trust also plans to facilitate an increase ecotourism in this area, reduce poverty through employment, education, healthcare, water projects, and agricultural best practice.

Tsavo Trust hopes to foster and build support in attracting further donor organisations in support of its Community Conservancy Program. There are several partners already engaged with Kamungi Conservancy through Tsavo Trust and the conservancy concept in the Tsavo area is taking shape well. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is a support partner to Kamungi Conservancy through Tsavo Trust.


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